About Us

lff-june-2010-ppic-14-cropJ&P Lawn Service (J&P) started over 30 years ago as a lawn maintenance/landscape company in Great Falls, VA. Over the years we have diversified our services to include the Equine and Farm industry to create a real niche  that very few other contractors/businesses have done.  This may seem a little unusual, but necessity became the guiding force of this change in the company. After getting into riding at a very late age, Patty found herself visiting and riding in arenas that were just not “up to potential” or, in some instances totally “unsatisfactory” . She consistently heard people complain about arena footing, arena maintenance and arena issues in general. When she encountered or heard of these problems, she would come home and describe the situation to her husband, John. After a while, John’s continued simple statement of “I could probably fix that” took on a whole new aspect for the company.

It seemed that in most instances there was no one in the construction or landscaping industry that understood the complex dynamics of the horse owner and their equines. The fact that every detail is designed around the comfort, form and fit for both rider and their mounts, seemed to elude the average construction company. And once the arena was installed, there was no one to turn to in order to help maintain, upgrade or repair the arena.

In the equine setting, barns are not just barns; they are like second homes for most horse owners. And these people; who live, sleep, eat and breathe horse, are not easily understood by most average construction companies. Arenas are the equivalent of playgrounds and it is important to have a safe and satisfactory area for horse and rider to play and train.

sept-19-2015-seaford-331-cropJohn and Patty (J&P) understand the importance of horses, or animals of any kind, to their owners. The fact that John had grown up working at a horse facility in Great Falls and Patty is a total animal lover, it seemed only logical that J&P Lawn Service needed to gravitate towards the equine and small farm industry. In simple terms….”we speak horse”.

Since 2006, John has worked with numerous horse owners in surrounding counties and states that vary from small single-horse barns up to the large boarding and/or training facilities. In each instance, J&P has worked closely with the owner or barn manager in order to obtain an end product that is of high quality but still within the farm budget. From the very first arena installation in 2006 to today, J&P has expanded its equine and farm services to assist farm owners in any way they can.

We thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read about our journey. We look forward to working with you in any way possible to help make your barn or arena a happy one.

“Niche” = A distinct segment of a market, pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal