arena-footingInstallation– (outdoor) Whether you are thinking about an arena or a round-pen, J&P can work with you to obtain the size, type and location of your new riding space. Based on your type of riding, amount of traffic and personal preferences, J&P has the ability and know-how to build the best riding surface for your specific needs. J&P specializes in quality footing utilizing locally available materials.

Indoor arena building pad construction– J&P can’t actually build your indoor arena structure, but we specialize in prepping your building site for the construction process. J&P will meet with you to discuss location ideas, drainage ideas/issues, ingress and egress of the arena along with numerous other considerations when building an indoor arena. We can design and create a site ready for construction and then come back when the building is complete to finalize all the little things such as final grading, seeding and underground gutter piping to beautify your riding space.

Repairs– (indoor and outdoor) There is nothing worse than having an arena that just doesn’t work for you and your horse. J&P offers a wide variety of options to help repair arena problems that can cause tremendous amounts of “down time” in your training regimen. Soft spots, standing water, slow drainage and washouts are all issues that J&P can resolve.

Arenas: Their Function and Properties

img_2932Footing- (indoor and outdoor) Footing can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Types of footing, particle size, depth, amount of usage and many other issues need to be addressed when your arena needs a “facelift”. Whether it is sand, rubbers, felts or stonedust, J&P will work with you to find the best recipe that fits your riding needs.

Interaction Between Hoof and Riding Surface

arena-maintenancePeriodic leveling and redistribution of footing– It is important that you preserve the integrity of the riding arena footing. Proper and regular maintenance is a key ingredient in getting a good quality riding surface. Over time and usage, the footing starts to migrate to the sides and corners of the arena. It is important that this footing be re-integrated back into the riding surface so you and your horse get the maximum support possible. Remember, footing consistency is equally as important as footing depth.  J&P can help keep your footing working at optimum level.  If you are a heavy training/boarding barn we recommend your footing be “fluffed and leveled” at least two-three times per year. For arenas with less traffic once a year may be sufficient.

Some Quick Tips

Pre-emergent weed control- One of the biggest “killers” of outdoor arenas is weed/grass growth. Seeds fly around, they land in your arena and take up residence in your footing. Weeds normally find their home in the corners of arenas, but if an arena isn’t used enough or isn’t dragged on a regular basis, weeds can grow anywhere in the footing. Once they take root, their invasive growth can be the demise of your riding space. J&P can apply a pre-emergent weed control on a regular basis to help alleviate unwanted weed growth. We recommend this product for backyard arenas that don’t get regular usage. This helps keep your investment functional and looking good.

img_0021Post emergent weed control– Once weeds have invaded, before you can prevent future weeds, you have to get rid of the existing ones. Killing weeds in an arena can take many many hours of your time. We have the equipment and the products to kill those pesky weeds which allows you more time for riding.

dry-lotsSacrificial dry lot/Dietary paddock– Over the last few years more and more horses are in need of a dry/dietary paddock. We have all had one….the “air fern” horse….you know, the one that gets fat or sick just LOOKING at the grass. The only answer the vet gives you is a dry lot and plenty of dry hay. Once the dry lot is utilized the next problem is the mud during the spring and the hard ground during the summer. J&P can help you create an adequate paddock so your “air fern” doesn’t get sick or gain unnecessary weight plus provide an adequate surface that helps eliminate mud and hard surface problems.

Sand filled rehabilitation lot– No one likes to keep their horse in a 10×10 stall while he/she is rehabbing, most especially the horse. This adds stress to the horse because he wants to be outside with his buddies and it adds stress to your life because of all the “hand walking” that has to be done to keep the horse happy and moving. In many instances a small sand-filled rehab lot is the answer. J&P can help you create a space that will allow your horse to rehab safely and sanely.

img_2463Quarantine padock/lot– If you talk to any vet, they highly recommend you keep any new horse/animal away from the others for at least two weeks before integrating them into your herd. J&P can help you create a space that will allow any new arrivals to settle in to your farm while still keeping a close eye on his health. This same lot can be used for any horse already on the property that may require being quarantined from the rest of the herd for short periods of time.

waterers-hydrantsAutomatic livestock waterers– Animals require water and not all of us are lucky enough to have that beautiful babbling brook through our pasture. J&P can assist you in getting fresh water to your livestock without having to worry about tubs and extension cords. Plumbers and electricians can’t (or even won’t) do this type of installation. J&P can dig the trench, install the pipe, install the electric line and connect the waterer. In some situations; however, a plumber and electrician may be needed to do the final connections to your home or barn.

Water lines installed and repaired- Water lines are buried deep within the ground to keep them from freezing in the winter. On occasion these lines break and you either have low water pressure or no water pressure along with a new “water crossing” in your lawn or pasture. You may call a plumber but he can’t fix the line until someone digs up the pipe. J&P can install new water lines and in most instances find and repair broken pipes that are causing you problems without the need to bother a plumber.

Water hydrants installed/repaired– Easy access to water is vital to any barn or if you need water at various locations around your barn and pastures, J&P can help you accomplish the task. As always, J&P takes extra care when backfilling trenches to keep your four-legged friend from injury.

rubber-barn-matsStall/aisle leveling and mat installation– Whether your barn is brand new or made of beautiful old stones, the stalls and aisles catch an enormous amount of use. Stalls and aisles can become uneven, unsightly and hollowed out from all the years of cleaning and traffic. J&P can bring your stalls and aisles back to square one with stonedust to give you a new, level surface. Once leveled, you have the option to install rubber matting on top of the stonedust to give you years and years of easy cleaning and maintenance.

Wash stall mat installation– J&P can install rubber mats on top of existing concrete or asphalt wash stalls. These mats give your horse additional comfort when standing and increased traction entering and exiting the wash area. It also makes it a lot easier for you to clean-up when the washing is complete.

img_0840Run-in sheds, overhangs leveling and mat installation– Run-in sheds are a staple in our area. How many times do you see a group of horses enjoying the shade and protection of the run-in during a hot, summer day. But because horses like these locations, a great amount of pressure is put on the ground surface. J&P can help you make your run-in shed or barn overhangs easier to clean and more comfortable for the animal. We can remove layers of old debris, install stonedust and then, if necessary, install mats for cushioning and easy cleaning.

gravel-stonedustDriveways and roadways installed/repaired– All farms have to be easily accessible by truck and trailer throughout the year. Gravel driveways and gravel roads need regular maintenance. J&P can provide the necessary routine maintenance to keep potholes and sinkholes from occurring. We can rake, grade, roll and add stone to keep your ride from getting rough.

Trailer/Truck parking installation– With any farm you have vehicles on wheels…Trucks, trailers, tractors. These vehicles need places to park, to turn around and to navigate in all seasons. J&P can design and build designated parking areas for these items and help you create an easy route into and out of your farm.

Barn site ready for construction

New barn, shed, and run-in pads installed– Prior to construction of any new structure, the first thing you must do is level the ground. J&P will work with you to find the best space for your new structure and then create a level, compacted pad so your contractor can begin building. We will then come in after the building is finished to regrade the surrounding area for proper drainage and erosion control.

sacrifice-muddy-paddock-fixBarns/Run-ins– Where animals congregate, there is mud. Whether the mud is created by animals standing too long or if the drainage is flowing the wrong direction, J&P can help you eliminate muddy areas in run-ins and around barns.

Gates and walk-thrus– Gates and walk-thrus are a constant mud problem in the spring and winter. J&P can help work with you to bring in stonedust, gravel or mats to keep you and your horses feet out of the muck.

img_2475Redirection of water– A lot of times the culprit of mud is improper drainage. Years ago your barn was dry, your paddock never flooded and your shed was as dry as a bone. Unfortunately things change in the surroundings. J&P can help you with a plan to move water away from structures and paddocks to keep mud at a minimum and keep your barn dry.