What customers say about J&P

j-and-p-arenas-sharon-white-testimonialOwning and running a farm is not an easy feat. Owning and riding horses has to be one of the most difficult endeavors to pursue. Anyone that can make  life easier , ease some of the burden in the care of your farm, is an absolute godsend.  This is how I feel about John and Patty Tracy. 

Good, level arenas with appropriate footing at a reasonable cost?  Done. Waterers to the fields that are reliable and don’t freeze?  Done. Something that doesn’t work that you just don’t get?  Call John and Patty. Honest, reliable, knowledgeable farm care and maintenance that I cannot live without!


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Simply stated, J&P is on our speedial.   As a farm with 60 stalls and an indoor on 52 acres, we’ve relied on Patty & John’s experience and expertise for projects ranging from redoing our indoor footing and regrading our gravel driveway to finding leaks in our water system and brainstorming about what options make sense for our farm in any given situation that arises.  Their passion and commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched and we have found their prices to be fair and reasonable.  We recommend them highly without reservation.


John and his team came with very high recommendations.  We visited a number of sites where we could see his work and were really impressed.  All his customers had great things to say.  John prepared our barn site for the construction phase, installed the road across our property to the barn, created our outdoor riding arena, finished off the barn site after all the tradesmen had completed their work, and then installed waters in our paddocks.  We were very happy with John and his team throughout the entire process and the results were excellent, across the board.  We would not hesitate to recommend John to our friends and others who need similar services.

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John and Patty are amazing to work with.  They guided us through the entire process of site work, base installation and final footing installation for our new indoor arena.  We turn to J&P first whenever we have projects around the farm.


John and Patty Tracy have been an integral part of the development and operation of our small farm in Middleburg, VA.  For over 10 years, they have successfully completed small and large projects such as:

  • repairing and upgrading outdoor arena
  • redesigning our driveway
  • installation of a shed pad for hay storage which required a large retaining wall and culvert pipe to divert water flow
  • digging of a basement for house renovation which included managing of downspouts and additional water issues
  • removing of multiple large trees over the years
  • final grading and seeding of the lawn after renovation was complete
  • pasture care and advice
  • arena maintenance on a regular basis

John also assisted us in the decision on purchasing the “right size” farm tractor and proper implements for use at our farm.   Whenever we have a question or a problem to solve, the first call we make is to J&P where we know we can count on an answer and a solution that is smart, reasonable, based on years of practice/experience and always fairly priced.  The relationship we have with John and Patty is one of trust and mutual respect.  We would not have the farm of our dreams without them.

I hired John and Patty to “fix” the work of a prior contractor when I was repairing a 10-year-old bluestone arena that was not level, had base washout, and collected water in low spots.  The first contractor “leveled” the arena by adding a lot of new dust; however, the stone dust material that was added for the base would not compact and there were soft spots.  After waiting months for the new base to “settle”….with no change, I fired the first contractor and hired J&P to address the issue.   John came in and fixed the grading and brought in his preferred dust to establish a firm, compacted top layer to the base that had been previously added.  The new base material John added was immediately firm so that the sand/dust topfooting could now be added.

I am thrilled with the final result!  I have a solid base, a crown that ensures great drainage and a sand/stonedust footing mix that has provided stability for jumping and is also excellent for flatwork.  I would highly recommend J&P…..wish I knew of them when I started the project!

J&P was fantastic to work with when we decided to convert an outbuilding at our farm into an indoor arena.  The outbuilding had been previously used for a horse exerciser and the footing and base were damaged and in need of repair.  A large concrete pad also had to be removed.  It was a challenge for sure.  John and Patty got creative.  Within a swift couple of weeks, we had an indoor arena with wonderful footing!! We still can’t believe how quickly the project was completed and John and Patty were helpful, knowledgeable, and kept us informed each step of the way.  Thank you!

Thank you guys so much for the kickass job building the automatic waterer. The horses have been using it a lot! We really appreciate your expertise and being so flexible with us. We can’t wait to work with you again!

Thank you for being solid human beings!

I know you always hear when there is a problem but maybe not so much when things are great. My ring is awesome…It holds the moisture really well and is fluffy to ride on. It keeps getting better and we haven’t messed up the edges!!! I also just love [how easy it is to] drag.